Our team is a passionate and multicultural one, excited to bring our diverse skills and experiences onto our brain child.


Our founding investor and advisor, Brad Bao has left a mark worldwide by building the largest electric sharing transportation company, <Lime> which reached a unicorn status in just a year. Being the chairman and founder he has ample experience in building tech companies and is zealous about creating something as impactful in the mental health world. His 25-year experience of entrepreneurship and executive management involved working in senior positions at <Fosun> and <Yahoo>, and being Head of USA at <Tencent>, the 5th largest tech company in the World. 


Our mental health advisor, Professor Ray Miller, has demonstrated his love of and expertise in mental health through his vast history of mental health achievements. A psychologist for over 35 years, he is a former president and chairman of the <British Psychological Society> , and former trustee to the <NHS> and is the one-stop shop for everything psychology in the UK. 

Our marketing advisor, Murray Beckett, has a tremendous and colourful career being the former Group Marketing Director of <> and currently the Director of Marketing at <Amazon>. Murray has a true believe in digital transformation in the mental health industry to serve entrepreneurship to create better innovation and efficiency.

Preksha Jain, our CFO, is a CFA qualified investment professional. With a keen eye on all things finance, she has extensive experience in technology startups and the public market sector. Her illustrious career includes working with <BNY Mellon> and CRISIL S&P Global. 

Dr. Shannon Tseng, our COO, started her academic career in researching moral psychology and character education. She currently holds a research position at the University of Edinburgh in counselling and psychotherapy.

Alexander Chen, our CEO. Alex received the British Business Award (2010) for building one of the first international schools in China. Since then, he has gone on to build a company from 0 to $3 Billion in the short span of three years. The former founding VP of <Bright Scholar>, the largest education group in Asia, where he managed 118 schools with 11,000+ employees. A specialist in harnessing cultural synergies, Alex is now looking to take on the vision of making mental health support more accessible to all.

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