Curious and passionate, We are a tech company that desires to solve world problems. Specialising in building impactful tech platforms, it presents its first project: One mind

With the alarming state of mental health in the world, it is not surprising that the vast majority feels overwhelmed, emotionally distressed or broken. We provide a tool for people to patch themselves back together: Therapy. The need of the hour, with long waiting lists and high prices making it otherwise unavailable or unaffordable. The large upsurge in demand for and success of mental health apps and online therapy necessitated by the pandemic has highlighted the need for our venture. 


One mind is an online platform where mental health practices and clients find each other, with clients assured of high-quality mental health support and clinics a source of clients in need. 


Our strength is in our team, with a diverse group of skill sets and a history of building billion dollar companies. We stand apart because of our insistence on clients having maximum control, to ensure that they choose their practitioner at the earliest and to their exact preference. The industry, with outdated technology and extreme prices, are not able to match clients with the type of practitioner they feel most comfortable with, a major issue we will rectify. We aim to work with relevant professional boards in the UK, guaranteeing quality of counselling and empowering trainee counsellors to receive their placement hours and counselling accreditation through our platform.


We strongly believe in the impactful work of existing private practices and wish to aid them by providing a platform that eases their process of helping clients. Tedious, time consuming tasks such as scheduling and administrative work can be drastically cut down with our support. Psychologists, counsellors and coaches can focus on doing what they love, with us being a reliable bedrock for everything else. 


Our goal: To increase accessibility of mental health support and counselling training to support the mental wellbeing of as many as possible.

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