1mind is super human intelligence for closers.

Joyful for every customer.
Profitable for every business.

The era of fractured customer experiences is over. 1mind melds the best minds across your go-to-market teams into wicked-smart, all-knowing AIs who can do it ALL. 1mind AIs go beyond efficiency and productivity. They create meaningful connections, deliver exceptional experiences, and drive business growth.
Drive top and bottom line impact.

1mind AIs go to work for you across the customer life cycle.

We breathe life into your data.
A force multiplier for your entire go-to-market team.

1mind for Marketing

  1. Website AIs: Your AI can pitch, qualify leads, and sell to prospects.
  2. Bring your content to life: Turn any pitch deck, white-paper, thought-leadership piece, product release or company update into an interactive personalized experience. Allow your buyers to ask questions and go deep on topics they care about.
  3. Convert unassigned leads: Your AI can find hidden gems by engaging with unassigned leads.

1mind for Sales

  1. Infinitely scale your sales team (without the cost): Your AI can lead sales calls, give the pitch, and provide custom demos in real-time.
  2. Ride-along AIs: Your AI can also play a passive role. She can join and participate in virtual meetings and speak when called upon to answer the tough questions.
  3. PLG growth AIs: Put your AI to work to convert free-trial and small pay-as-you-go contract customers to large committed contracts.
  4. Retention and expansion AIs: Put your AI to work to retain and expand contracts.

1mind for Sales Enablement

  1. Rep training: On-board your team and provide ongoing product and company training.
  2. Role-playing: Practice with your AI before a big pitch. The AI will ask tough and relevant questions based on the company/role of the prospect and where they are in their buyer’s journey.
  3. Coaching: AIs can give your team immediate in-the-moment coaching after calls while the information is fresh. Train your AIs on any sales methodologies.
  4. Certification AIs: Certify your team as part of on-boarding and ongoing product/company training.

1mind for Customer Success

  1. Technical and product support: Always on support to answer even the toughest technical questions.
  2. Onboarding support: Can train new customers and walk them through the product.
  3. Product/feature release AIs: AIs can walk through new features or products and answer questions.
The new face of your revenue team.

1mind is the smartest person in the room.

Personal with personality: 1mind AIs know who they’re talking to at all times, are always up to date based on past conversations and deal dynamics, and change their personality based on the buyers’ reactions.

Proactive and purpose-driven: 1mind AIs are customized to the exact tasks and priorities of each role. They are trained on your proprietary company data and the best sales methodologies and are always on task based on the goals you set for them.

Painless and omnipresent: 1mind AIs have a turnkey setup and are easy to train. They are secure and accessible from anywhere at any time.

1mind provides peace of mind, too.

Creating a safe and trustworthy AI environment is our top priority. We safeguard clients with extensive security protocols and a commitment to unbiased interactions.

Data privacy and security: We ensure data used for training and customer interactions is securely stored and anonymized with strict access controls.

Deployment security: We mitigate risks by ensuring that all servers, containers, and cloud services hosting our AI models are monitored and configured with security best practices.

Ethical AI: We work hard to eliminate biases in our AI models to prevent unfair treatment and discrimination.

Go from humanly impossible to AI possible.

  • All-knowing
  • Infinitely scalable
  • Works across virtually any platform
  • Never has a bad day
  • Always ready to educate, sell, and delight customers